Mobile App Design & Development

In early 2017, mobile apps accounted for nearly half of internet traffic 

Considering A Mobile App Design?

It’s no secret that as a society we have become app happy. In the United states alone, 17.5 billion dollars was spent on apps in 2017. So, a great mobile app can earn your business a nice chunk of change. But there are a lot more reasons why businesses should consider mobile app development.

Let’s look at what some of what those reasons are, and also whether your app should be based on an Android or iOS operating system.

Android Mobile App Developers

Android Mobile App Development

In the second quarter of this year, Android’s market share was  88% of overall sales. That puts the Android operating system firmly in the lead when it comes to the number of users. There are a good few other reasons to consider having the app created on this platform.

  • Lower costs: The software development kit is provided free of charge to developers. This helps to reduce the development costs.
  • Simple integration: If you already have an app that you want to build on, integration is pretty simple.
  • Easier distribution: iOS has one distribution channel – the Apple app store. With Android, you can choose to use the Google Play Store, or a third-party marketplace. You get to promote the app where and as you see fit.
  • Robust software: The software on which the system is based is robust and reliable.
  • A lot of support: Because this operating system is so popular, it is the platform chosen for many new phone manufacturers. This is great, because it means that manufacturers spend more effort in developing better, cheaper and faster phones around the software.
  • It’s open source: This makes it a lot easier for developers to create the perfect apps. They can adjust the applications to exactly what you need.
  • A much wider potential client base: Apple’s products are great, but they’re not cheap. Android can be found on several different models of phones from a range of manufacturers. You can get a Samsung or HTC phone, for example, at a much lower price than an iPhone.

Iphone Mobile App Development

Before you rush off and splash out on an Android-based app, there are some advantages to the iOS operating system that you should consider. iOS’s market share in the second quarter of 2018 comes in at 11.9%, putting it in a relatively strong second place overall.
There may not be nearly as many devices using this system, but there are enough to make it worthwhile.
Why consider an iOS-based app?

  • Great security: Apple provides one of the highest levels of security for users with this operating system. They protect your user against duplication of data, data theft and help to ensure their privacy while using the app.
  • A limited range of handsets: We like the idea of a budget range of smartphones in principle. In reality, though, the greater the number of handsets and manufacturers, the more that can affect an app’s performance. Apps may not perform as well on a cheaper handset.
  • A well-designed app will work for just about every user: With an iOS-based app, as long as the person has the right version of the software, they’ll be able to download the app. So you can be relatively sure that any user will be able to download and use your app.
  • Better targeted apps: It’s easier to create the perfect app if you know exactly who your target market is. With a limited range of handsets to work with, you can create a more perfectly targeted app.
  • It’s a simple interface: This is an extremely user-friendly system for users and developers.