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So what is video marketing? Well, simply put, video marketing is a process wherein companies use short, attractive, and educational videos to promote their products and services, then distributing those videos either on their own websites or through websites like YouTube and DailyMotion. The reasoning behind this system is to spread awareness for the company in question and to get the word out about their products. Using a visual demonstration of the message you’re trying to get across makes the advertisement appear more lucid and visually appealing than, say, a text ad with some jumping letters.
YouTube marketing agencySo why would your company want to use video marketing anyway? With a normal text only advertisement your potential customers are forced to read through the entirety of the given text, just to understand the message you want to communicate. This is taking time from the potential customer, not to mention the effort you often have to take to struggle through the monotonous voice of most text only ads. But if you were to communicate your message through visual media, your target customers are more likely to understand and relate to your business or product. Not to mention the savings of your customers precious time. Putting visuals to your words makes them that much more likely to stick in the minds of your viewers and leave a greater impact. But the attractive appeal of a visual demonstration is far from the only benefit you can expect from video marketing.

Online Video Optimization

Search engines like Google and Bing are eager to include videos in their search results. You can be sure that your video will be indexed quickly and enjoy greater visibility, especially if the video has already been uploaded to YouTube, which is owned by Google. By posting to YouTube, your video will receive quality backlinks, improving your website’s backlinks and significantly boosting your search engine ranking.
Video marketing leaves the door wide open to attract new visitors to your site. Again, there are numerous upload sites for you to share your videos-YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, etc. Not only do you get your pick of which sites you would like to share your content on, all of them are completely free. The more sites you upload and share your video from, the higher the chance of it being shared through other social media platforms, and the better chance for your video to go viral. Perhaps the best thing about video marketing is how easy it becomes to upload and share your media. So if someone likes your product or service, they’re likely to share your video with family and friends as well.


More Engagement and Higher Conversions with Video Marketing

Video marketing gets visitors involved with your website and engaged with your content like never before. According to MarketingSherpa, potential buyers will spend 100% more time on pages with videos on them than those without. Internet Retailer follows that up by stating that potential customers are 85% more likely to purchase a product, after being exposed to a product video, as opposed to a written ad. Combine keeping visitors on your website for longer periods of time with the ability to better educate them about your products, and you’ve got one powerful effect translated into a much greater chance that visitors will purchase your offered goods and services.
Obviously, people are always going to prefer to do business with people and companies that they both like and trust. Using videos instead of written text will allow potential customers to get to know you better than ever before. People can now connect with a human face, an audible voice, and a general personality. Through video, you can convey emotions to communicate a far more powerful message about your product. Audiences want to see the heart of a company, those working behind the name and logo of your business. Video marketing is the best way to help customers feel like they know you, even before they’ve met you.
With videos becoming the widespread preferred means of online communication, video marketing is a terrific way to showcase products and services, along with putting forth the key members of your company in order to give your business a face. If you want to enhance your company’s presence on search engines and publicize your company, the use of video as a marketing tool is going to be invaluable. Video click-through rates are through the roof when compared against image or text only ads, and websites providing video on their sites are seen to trend towards a higher rate of repetitive visitors. We provide companies with the know how and the means to get their preferred video format onto their websites. We’ll even optimize your videos for streaming capabilities and quicker download times. If your company chooses to do so, we will implement social share features to help your content to go viral and to allow viewers to share videos from your website, creating more attention and sparking interest for your brand. Online videos are a worthwhile investment as the production cost continues to decrease.
Product and service videos are marketed towards new customers or visitors and are made to convey what your company does and what offers they might have to make them stand out from the crowd. Because your videos can be viewed both on your website and on sites like YouTube or DailyMotion, they become a company’s most valuable tool to create additional traffic to a website and generate awareness of your brand. Our videos create a stunning first impression to help your company increase conversions.

Video Strategies for Your Business

The growth and reputation of a company relies on effective communication on both internal and external level. Companies can use video marketing in everything from building consumer trust and familiarity with testimonials and interviews, to training and demonstration videos to educate new employees. Or try out some of our irresistible interactive videos and banners to greatly increase click-through rates and user engagement. These interactive features can be used to play a video automatically, set ads that take over the screen, or create interactive hovers for potential buyers to enjoy. Video marketing is a crazy useful tool if your business wants to generate a larger customer base and keep those customers coming back.

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