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When it comes to advertising on Facebook, some agencies talk the talk, and some walk the walk. Chaz Edward and the team behind Make My Business Boom walk the walk with a clear track record of business growth using the power of Facebook advertising.


To get an idea of how we can help you achieve the same great results as our past campaigns submit a request through the contact form below or give us a call between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday.


We have a successful track record for managing Facebook ads that produce incredible ROAS (return on ad spend) for e-commerce products, professional services, training and consulting, and local businesses.


facebook advertising managementWe understand the need to create ads that speak directly to your ideal customer and their needs and wants. Our Facebook Marketing Funnels are designed to connect prospects with your brand and nurture them throughout the journey to becoming a customer.


And once a lead lands on your website or watches your promotional video or engages with your Facebook page, we use advanced event tracking to segment and target precise ad messages designed to take a warm lead to a paying customer.


Facebook Ad and Retargeting Setup


  • Dynamic Remarketing Campaign Setup

Facebook Dynamic Remarketing for WordPress Websites

Install and Setup Facebook Pixel with Dynamic Events
Install and Sync Facebook Product Catalog
Create 2 Remarketing Campaigns with 2 Ad Sets per Campaign and 2 Ads per Ad Set



Dynamic Retargeting using Facebook consistently produce some of the best-performing ad results month after month. It is not uncommon to get 20 to 40 times Return on Ad Spend running dynamic retargeting. Our retargeting setup is an affordable way to further leverage and monetize the traffic visiting a website.



  • Facebook Marketing Funnel Setup

Facebook Marketing Funnel

Video Ad Creative
– Video Ad – Interest Targeting
– Video Ad – Lookalike Audience Targeting
Value Ad Creative
– Value Ad – Interest Targeting
– Value Ad – 25% Video Views
– Value Ad – General site visitors
Retargeting Ad Creative
– Retargeting Ad – Visited page
– Retargeting Ad – General site visitors



Our Facebook Marketing Funnel includes all the tasks necessary to begin acquiring new customers from Facebook. From video creation to ad creation and retargeting offers, the Facebook Marketing Funnel is a complete solution that can get your Facebook Ads live and running within 7 days. These funnels are designed to effectively convert cold traffic into warm leads and leads into actual paying customers.



Monthly Campaign Optimization


Split test interest targeting – video and value ads
Split test campaign goals – value and retargeting ads
Split test images – value and retargeting ads
Split test headline copy – value and retargeting ads

Monthly Pricing Based on Ad Spend



Once a campaign is running consider enlisting our Facebook experts to monitor and optimize the funnel and campaign to ensure the best performance month after month. We offer a thorough a/b testing strategy that will increase the reach and ROAS of your ads while lowering the costs associated with the campaign.



Our Facebook Marketing Strategy is rooted in key performance indicators, campaign monitoring, and performance reporting that combine your ad marketing achievements directly to your business goals to ensure that your investments create a real return on ad spend. We have used these same strategies to scale multiple businesses to 7 and 8 figure valuations, so you can be sure that you’re receiving only the best in Facebook marketing advice because these are the same tactics and strategies that we use ourselves.


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