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Absolutely everything we do at Make My Business Boom is based on a design centric platform. Any mobile app developement shop can give you some long winded speech about the quality of their designs-although few enough can actually stand up and deliver. Take a look at any list of app developement companies who can backup their claims, short though that list may be, and you’ll find MMBB at the top. So the real question here is, why aren’t we at the top of your list for app design and development?


Whether you are a local business or a national corporation, custom mobile apps will deliver the functions and features that matter most to your business’s bottom line. You will benefit from the wide array of custom capabilities, including: scheduling, menus, featured products, shopping cart integrations, automatic text notifications and much more.


Mobile Apps Allow You to be Next to Your Customers, All the Time

Your existing customers are more likely to buy again, why not provide them with subtle reminders of just how awesome your brand really is by employing our custom mobile app technology to increase your engagement with them…

Our Gold-Level App Design Formula for Success

mobile app development serviceIt doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that designing for your audience is going to lead to better sales and more engaged users. Once you figure that out, it isn’t hard to surmise that leaving app design as an afterthought is an end all mistake. If you take the time to invest in design from the get go to instill higher user engagement, it stands to reason that you can only go up from there. Besides, who doesn’t appreciate reduction in support costs, simplified updates for the future, or even user adoption? Those are the kinds of things you can expect with a formula like this one.

We tweak even the smallest of user interaction details, develop the kind of experiences you can’t tear yourself away from, and reshape pixels into things you wouldn’t think a pixel could ever do, all to hone our product into something magnificent. Everything has a story; especially such magnificent things as the designs behind each of our apps. There’s a thin line between delightful and dismal when it comes to UI/UX design. As a company that does not compromise, we strive for nothing short of excellence in our work. That’s why we’ve raised up a team of pixel snobs to set things straight. Our design team is looking for some of the key ingredients that make or break our products right out of the gate. How does it feel? And let’s remember we aren’t making a product for cyborgs, so how does it fare with humans? To catch a fish, you need a hook. What hooks them?



The App Features Your Business Needs to Succeed

Push SMS Test and Geo Location Notifications

Depending on your business, our market analysists will assist you in determining which mobile app technologies will provide your company with the best branding and income generating outcomes. Many of these technologies are perfect complements to existing marketing efforts helping you achieve market synergies.

IOS Application Developer

Our in-house design and development team are constantly creating integrated mobile applications that are fast, sleek and packed with business-building benefits for companies growing in the digital age. Get Your Own iOS App on the Apple App Store!

Android Application Development

Besides stunning designs, we boast award-winning support staff that will assist your team in leveraging the technology to achieve great business-building results while energizing your brand.
Our Value Pricing Includes Your Own Android App on the Google Play Store!

mobile application designersWe’re a team of multitaskers, building your app’s visual brand even as we’re creating the UI design. We’ve got our fingers on the pulse of your collective audience to figure out their needs and wants in response to your product. We explore what motivates your users through tools like mood boards, mind maps, and cultural trends as well as case studies and market research. Some days we even dress up your wireframes by adding the elements and finishing touches that will best reinforce your brand. All of this and more we do, all to resonate with your users and help you grow your brand.


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