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Let’s face it, the preferred outcome of anything is successful, tangible results. Make My Business Boom’s email marketing is designed to take both the work and fail points borne of creating an effective email program and produce a high-performing email program to deliver you these favored results.

Our email service can range from simple weekly promotions to lengthy quarterly newsletters, but all come accompanied by our professional management, allowing us to ensure relevance and frequency, coupled with high returns. Everyone is paired with a dedicated account manager to work closely with you and ensure that each of your email campaigns are delivering pertinent results. Your account manager will work alongside you to help build your subscriber base. Each account manager will also assist with providing list management services, creative development, distribution and reporting.


We Fast-Track Your Email Campaigns


automated email campaignsOnce you sign on with our program, you’ll receive a multitude of products to help you get started. You’ll have sign-up strategies, online sign-up forms, and lead capture forms. We aim to help you build your email list in a quick and easy fashion by jumpstarting your email program. We provide you with a linkable form for your website and social media profiles to help drive traffic straight to your new email program. We’ll even run an import and cleanup on your existing email if you’ve used a different marketing program in the past, in order to create a seamless transition from any program to our own.

Your subscriber list will be well placed in our hands as we use it to ensure high deliverability. We’ll even make sure that if someone unsubscribes, bounced, or marked you as spam, that customer will never be sent another mailer. All mail-in sign-ups sent to our offices are entered into the database promptly in order to help keep your subscriber list complete and up to date. If you’re a multi location business or you capture additional data from your subscribers, we’ll make sure all your data is properly segmented.


High Converting Email Design



Among their many talents, your account manager doubles as a professional graphic designer and will help you create a custom design to be used in your email campaign. We will always keep in mind your business’s preferred brand and feel whilst creating a design that will factor great with your target audience. While you’ll have your consistent mailers you signed on for in the first place, you also will have a hand in creating a welcome piece, birthday and anniversary options, and even special holiday pieces. If you think this is too good to be true, just go ahead and view some of our greatest pieces from our client profiles page, or get in contact with us and we can personally send you a collection of additional samples.

We see your mail through, from idea to inbox. We sport one of the industry’s highest delivery rates by keeping to the best email practices and developing strong bonds with ISP, all to give you the best mailing service possible. You’ll work with your personal account manager to identify and remove risks which could prevent your emails from being delivered properly, as well as making sure it is formatted correctly for many browsers and even more types of inboxes.


Email Analytics and Social Engagement


Both our team and your own are going to find it of import to know how your email campaigns as performing. It comes in handy then that we can capture read rates and bounces, the number of click-throughs and which links were clicked, shares and even who is reading your emails. If you want to boost subscriber count and reader engagement, integrating your campaign with social media platforms is a must. We can easily turn on the ability for subscribers to share emails through Facebook or Twitter for any campaign, making social media integration that much more of a boost for your personal email campaign. We aim to help your business along when entering this rapidly growing market space, and can do so with a variety of social media services. For more information, visit our social media section on our website.


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